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Spa Heating & Cooling Head Wrap


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OOTB – Blue Spa head wrap for heating and cooling. Dimensions 32.5 x 9 cm. This product can be used cold and hot. The cloth remains soft, even at -18 C and can be used repeatedly and alternately hot and cold.

  • Cold compress: put the wrap in the freezer for half an hour before use.
  • Warm compress: place the wrap in hot (not boiling) water 30 minutes before use.

ATTENTION NOTE: The head wrap can only be used externally. Don’t use it when it is broken. If eyes or skin get in contact with the content, they have to be rinsed thouroughly with water. If the content is swallowed , drink water to dillute, try to induce vomiting and consult a doctor if necessary. Keep out of reach of children! Do not swallow!  

To protect against hot or cold temperatures it is advised to cover the hold/cold wrap in cloth. If you have trouble with your circulation, consult your doctor in advance of using the head wrap. Do not use for a long time period.

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