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MAM Storage Solution Pots – 5 Pack

Breast milk is valuable, making secure and correct storage very important. With the leak-proof MAM Storage Solution, breast milk and baby food can be safely stored in the fridge or freezer, and thanks to the clever lid design they can now be stacked securely on each other. Mums can express directly into the MAM Storage pots by attaching them to the bottom of their pump with no other attachments necessary.

MAM Milk Storage Pots are microwave safe and can also be used with a bottle warmer. Thinking more green, the pots can be re-used and sterilised as often as necessary. The screw lid tightly seals the cup, so that not a drop is lost – ideal for on the go. The full level mark makes accurate measuring possible, and thanks to the washable labelling area, the new supply can always be clearly marked. This makes correct storage easy – so mums and babies feel safe.

  • Can be cleaned and sterilised as often as you want
  • Ideal for storage in the fridge or freezer
  • Secure lid sealing, ideal for transporting milk
  • Washable labelling area to correctly date mark expressed milk
  • 5 pots in a pack
  • Compatible with MAM Breast Pumps and Easy Start Bottles
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