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It is pretty clear where this crowd get their inspiration from! Honestly I’ve been wearing it for 3 months and even Apple fanatics can’t tell the difference. The menu system and feature list is not quite as long as the real deal and the notifications don’t feel as slick but it gives me what I need, heart rate, steps, ongoing body temperature and even blood oxygenation level. For the Triathletes out there, I’d go a Garmin Fenix but for most of us, this is exactly what we need and it doesn’t hurt that it looks like a whole lot more! (it even works with the universally available straps for the 42mm much pricier alternative!)

This new edition of the coolest watch by Ksix includes ultra-safe magnetic charging and IP68 water resistance. It features a 24-hour dynamic heart rate monitor and a large (1.75) multi-touch screen.

Magnetic charge

Urban 2 includes a magnetic charger, which gives it greater stability while charging, avoiding falls and shocks.

Every beat counts

The Urban smartwatch incorporates a 24 h dynamic heart rate monitor that counts every beat constantly, during the entire day and night.

Receives and make phone calls

It access the phone book to make and receive phone calls directly from the smartwatch.

Compatible with M Active 2 app

The Urban smartwatch can be synchronized with the M Active app for a complete tracking of sleeping hours. This way, it’s possible to analyse sleep quality.

The M Active app also allows to set notifications and alarms to receive them directly in the smartwatch.

Multi-touch screen

The Urban smartwatch has a multi-touch screen. It allows to navigate through the different functions comfortably by swiping the screen up and down.

Several colours

As it should be, the most modern KSIX Smartwatch is available in 3 colours according to the newest fashion trends: white, gold and black.

Vibration and sound alerts

It incorporates a micro vibration monitor and a speaker. Therefore, when receiving a notification, the smartwatch will vibrate and make a sound.

Suitable for swimming

This is a waterproof fitness tracker that can be submerged up to 1.5 meters deep for up to 30 minutes.

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