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Cerumol Ear Drops 10ml


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Cerumol Ear Drops have a dual action formula that helps to gently break down ear wax by softening and loosening wax and clearing the ear canal. Contains a unique oil based formula that works between the wax and the ear canal.
Directions for use:
  • Tilt head sideways and put five drops into the affected ear, plug with cotton wool and leave for twenty minutes. Repeat two to three times a day for up to three days until the wax has cleared.
  •  With the head tilted sideways, 5 drops are put into the ear. This may cause a harmless tingling sensation.
  • A plug of cotton wool moistened with Cerumol or smeared with petroleum jelly should then be applied to retain the liquid.
  • One hour later, or the next morning, the plug is removed.
  • The procedure is repeated twice a day for three days; the loosened wax may then come out on its own making syringing unnecessary.
  • If any wax remains the doctor should be consulted so that syringing of the softened residue may be carried out.


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