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A.Vogel Menoforce Sage Tablets


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  • Traditional herbal medicinal produce
  • Used to relieve excessive sweating & hot flushes
  • One a day tablets

With so many remedies on the market claiming to offer miracle cures for the side effects of menopause – from night sweats to low mood, weight gain to hot flushes – it is difficult to know where to begin, especially when you are already feeling foggy headed and prone to stress.

A herb perhaps more readily associated with your Sunday roast than with healthcare, sage has in fact long been used for its health benefits and has a particular blend of assets ideal for soothing the symptoms of the menopause.

Why sage as a support for the menopause?

Sage contains high levels of antioxidants, which is what has contributed to it being so successful as an alternative remedy throughout the years.

While research into the use of sage to relieve menopausal symptoms is limited, anecdotal evidence suggests that taking a supplement such as A Vogel sage tablets can help to ease sources of discomfort including night sweats and hot flushes, which along with mood swings, are the most common menopause side effects, experienced by up to 80% of women.

How should I take sage?

The pleasant flavour of sage has made it a popular choice for tea blends, with many women choosing to sip on sage tea to give them a moment’s pause during a stressful day.

There have been no studies into either of these methods, so by far and away the most reliable form of sage for menopause is taking a sage capsule, such as Menoforce tablets, simple one a day sage extract pills, designed to provide an easy, measured dose of freshly harvested, organically cultivated sage.

What symptoms will sage help ease?

While the symptoms of the menopause can be wide ranging and long lasting, the sometimes embarrassing and always uncomfortable problem of excessive sweating, hot flushes and night sweats seem to be the most often talked about, among those women experiencing the change.

Menoforce sage tablets appear to be most effective in tackling this hot and sticky trio, with women reporting a reduction in the incidences of flushing and a resulting improvement in in their night’s rest– especially important when your body is so hard at work

A.Vogel Menoforce Sage Tablets

Availability: In stock

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